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Industrial Field Service Repairs (Drives, Motors, PLC’s, Control Logic, Servos & Automation), Industrial Drive Repair Services, Industrial Motor Repairs Services ,Automation Design Services and many other services for the Chicago, Aurora and Elk Grove area. Contact us for any questions, technical support or sales information for all of your Automation needs. Your downtime is paramount to us.


Industrial Drive Repair

Ampere Electrical Services Inc. provides industrial drive repair for the Chicago, Aurora and Elk Grove areas. Well-versed in the requirements of the manufacturing industry our business is dedicated to keeping our client’s production lines operating at maximum efficiency. AC and DC drives designated for the control of the industrial fabrication marketplace will require repairs, maintenance and troubleshooting over time. Ampere Electric Service Inc. technicians and engineers will perform onsite inspections to quickly diagnose any issues with the drives of your system.  

Up to date on all innovations in the drive repair industry, our in house diagnostic and reconstruction laboratory can facilitate the correction of any drive regardless of the specific industry parameters it is programed with. As a designer of automation systems Ampere Electrical Service Inc. has unique knowledge of the complex technology of industrial drives for the Chicago, Aurora and Elk Grove areas.

We also design custom cabinets to house the drives of Chicago, Aurora and Elk Grove. Our cabinets will house your drive, free you from the clutter of wires and maximize the efficiency of your space. Our cabinets are specially designed to combine both the highest in safety protocols and ease of access, so that trouble shooting is not a problem.

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Ampere Electrical Service is on call for your industrial drive repair emergencies 24/7.