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Industrial Field Service Repairs (Drives, Motors, PLC’s, Control Logic, Servos & Automation), Industrial Drive Repair Services, Industrial Motor Repairs Services ,Automation Design Services and many other services for the Chicago, Aurora and Elk Grove area. Contact us for any questions, technical support or sales information for all of your Automation needs. Your downtime is paramount to us.


Automation Design

Ampere Electrical Service Inc. is the answer to all the automation design needs of the Chicago, Aurora and Elk Grove regions. As a customer oriented company we take pride in providing our clientele with innovative solutions. Our team has created hundreds of custom designs for automation systems in multiple industries.

Over our 22 years of servicing the manufacturing industry we have come across many tried and true methods for efficient operation of automated production lines. These are the foundational tools we use when creating any design project because functionality and reliability are the corner stones of any system design.  Every Chicago, Aurora and Elk Grove project is different however, and the contemporary marketplace demands dynamic approaches when work shopping different design possibilities. Ampere Electrical Service Inc. custom automation designs take into account all of our customers concerns from energy usage to production speed, space management to multilayered safety features.

As a sales representative for many different companies involved in industrial system technologies we can easily obtain any part you may require for your project. But that is only the beginning of the wide range of possibilities we offer to the Chicago, Aurora and Elk Grove business communities. We are engineers and technicians by trade and can custom design and build many different pieces of equipment depending on the clients individualized needs and specifications.

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Ampere Electrical Service is on call for your industrial drive repair emergencies 24/7.